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  • πŸ“… 8th november 2024
  • πŸ“the state Library of new south wales, sydney, australia

what is purplecon?

ah it's a sorta sparkle-coded communitycore librarypunk pastelpilled starry-eyed leaf-adjacent functional and real conference.

who is purplecon for?

friends, developers, students, security people, nintendo characters, niche enthusiasts, teachers, friends of friends. now we're all the weird kids together 🀝

what's the vibe of purplecon?

i guess you could say it's like a gateway drug to being sooooo normal

isn't this in new zealand?

noooononono, that was like, last time, when we were a sideshow to kawaiicon. we're all grown up now, kinda like a coming-of-age story type vibe.

code of conduct

we want everyone to feel safe here. here's the rules.

who are you?

the purplecon illuminati are @mangopdf, @ryankurte, @jsstott, @nickyringland, and anton

you can contact us on twitter (@purpleconnz), at hello@purplecon.org or by talking into any banana like it's a phone.

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